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About Us
"Cans with a Conscience®"
In May of 2007, two women, Cathy and Kim, set out to launch a products company that would offer superior, greener products to consumers concerned about the environment. Their first three products, Bolt Off®, LubFix® and Shield It®, offer the lubricant market soy-based products that are Teflon® and silicone free and come in conveniently-sized, recyclable aluminum cans that dispense the products using nitrogen, instead of harmful carbon. A fourth product, Simply Soy®, was just launched as Nutek's 100% bio-lubricant made without any toxic chemistry whatsoever. Nutek made its debut at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 5-7, 2009. We are set on redefining an industry. With the assistance of major retailers, we are challenging our competitors today with greener formulations. What can you do?
Recycle Our Cans
The recycling of aluminum products only emits 5% of the greenhouse gas emitted in primary aluminum production. Recycling of scrap from used products ("old scrap") saved over 70 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide in 2005. Since its inception, the recycling of old scrap has already avoided over one billion metric tons of CO2 emissions. Aluminum cans are considered the most recycled, and most recyclable, containers in the world. An awesome 105,784 cans are recycled every minute nationwide. Aluminum never wears out; it can be recycled forever. We chose our aluminum cans not only because they can be readily recycled, but because they are also shaped to fit comfortably into your hands and against your fingertips, and are lighter to ship around the globe.
Buy Products Made with Less Plastic
Fancy nozzles made of hard plastics are more difficult to recycle. Dangerous and harmful plastic containers are made of polycarbonate, or polyvinyl chloride, and contain an additive called Bisphenol A (BPA). Ask manufacturers what their products contain and avoid dispensing systems made with thick, hard plastics. Picture them sitting in the base of our landfills for thousands of years to come.
Focus on Reducing Green House Gases
We chose to fill our cans using a nitrogen propellant, rather than a carbon propellant. Nitrogen is the largest single constituent of the Earth's atmosphere (78.082% by volume of dry air, 75.3% by weight in dry air). Molecular nitrogen (N2) in the atmosphere is relatively non-reactive and it plays an inert role in the human body, being neither produced, nor destroyed. Nitrogen is also an essential part of amino acids and nucleic acids, both of which are essential to all life on Earth. Nitrogen does not absorb or emit infrared radiation and is not, therefore, a contributor to global warming. Our choice to fill our aluminum cans with a nitrogen propellant demonstrates our commitment to a greener world for us all.
Support Environmentally Conscious Companies
We warmly invite you to try our products and celebrate our commitment to the environment and to women-owned businesses offering compelling solutions to our home-related challenges. We stand by the quality of our products and to continually improving their formulations. We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas to improve our commitment to the environment and to you, our customer.