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What's Green Mean?

 In today's market, it is difficult to understand what’s green or not green.

The Truth

In the penetrating lubricant category, it is difficult to create a product that is 100% Green without sacrificing some performance. The reason for this rests with the evaporative nature of the solvent, mineral spirits, which enables the lubricant products to work effectively. The industry is working towards adopting a fully biodegradable solvent, however consumers demand that these products perform quickly and leave a light lubricant film.

Nutek’s founders have searched the world over for a 100% green solvent that will provide consumers with their demanded level of performance. Although real and useful advances have been made with citrus, soy and corn-based products, green solvents still need further development and a more cost effective market offering to be 100% environmentally friendly.
To launch a smarter, greener lubricant product, Nutek® has developed its formulas to deliver the highest rate of environmental benefit, while ensuring cutting-edge performance. Wherever possible, we use green solvent technologies without impeding effectiveness.

Through our efforts, Nutek® has reduced, substantially, the harmful environmental impacts of traditional lubricants by replacing the petroleum mineral oil with soy bean oil in our exclusive formulations. This provides a substantial rate of biodegradability for Nutek’s products indeed, our Smart Green™ products are greater than 90% biodegradable. We have also blended green solvents with mineral spirits to achieve expected evaporation levels, while still ensuring that our formulations maintain Smart Green™ levels of superior performance.

Now, in an effort to press our chemistries even further, we have launched Simply Soy®. It contains an advanced bio-based solvent with genuine mineral spirits’ evaporation characteristics for the committed extreme green™ consumers who seek to buy products without any level of toxicity. Simply Soy is 100% biodegradable.
Make a Change

If you choose our products over existing lubricant products, the sustainability of our planet will improve. Most importantly, the terrible smell and volatile chemicals present in our homes will be substantially reduced for the health and welfare of us all.

By purchasing our Smart Green® and Pure Green® products, you will send a message to the industry: Smarter and Greener IS important as a first step to improving our world!