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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nutek® products competitively priced?

Yes. Even though our formulas are advanced and highly effective, our prices are comparable to all the leading brandings in the marketplace.

Why are Nutek® products in aluminum cans?

Aluminum is readily recycled and never wears out. This means it can be recycled over and over again. Aluminum is also lightweight and easy to grip.

Is the propellant used in Nutek® cans better for the earth than most?

Nutek uses a nitrogen propellant, not a carbon propellant. We specifically chose nitrogen because it does not contribute to global warming.

Is it true that Nutek® was founded and is owned by women?

Yes, owners Cathy Horton and Kim Novotney were determined to give consumers concerned about the environment eco-friendly options combined with superior results. They started Nutek® with the philosophy, “the cans with a conscience.” They believe that lubricant formulations need to pair “smart green chemistry” with superior performance.

Do soy-based formulas provide good lubricity?

Absolutely. Soy oils have excellent lubricity. In fact they are far superior to petroleum-based mineral oils used in most products today.

Are soy-based formulas better for the environment?

Yes. Soy oils are biodegradable, less toxic and renewable. Plus, they reduce our dependency on imported petroleum oils.

Do soy-based formulas help farmers and the U.S. economy?

Yes. Using lubricants and greases made of soybean oil helps reduce soybean surpluses and stabilizes soy prices for American farmers.

Does Nutek’s eco-friendly conscience extend to its marketing efforts?

Whenever possible, Nutek® uses recycled paper stock and sustainable soy inks on all its marketing materials. However, we also strive to eliminate packaging and promotional items that are unnecessary and create landfill waste.

Why doesn’t Nutek® offer an “all-in-one” formula like many of the competitors?

These so called all-purpose formulas invariably fill your home and surrounding environments with a variety of combined chemistries. If you’re just trying to stop a door hinge from squeaking, why would you spray anti-corrosive and rust penetrating chemicals on it? These chemicals can be harmful to the environment. Nutek’s greener chemistry formulas provide healthier options for the home and our planet.

Why do the Nutek® spray nozzles use less plastic than most competitors?

Fancy nozzles made of hard plastics are more difficult to recycle. These thick, hard plastics end up sitting in toxic landfills for thousands of years to come.  We also avoid overcaps which represents a 10-20% savings in plastic materials.

When will consumer lubricants be free from toxic solvents?

Nutek’s Simply Soy® is a natural lubricant made with a green solvent to be safe for use around small children, pets and environmentally-sensitive areas. One challenge for all manufacturers is that mineral spirits enable lubricant chemistries to perform very quickly and it is the cleaning agent for the products. It is very difficult to find replacements for mineral spirits that fill these functions as effectively, but green citrus, soy and corn-based solvents are advancing. Soon, all manufacturers will move to earth-friendlier solvents, as the chemistry advances and the prices decrease.