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Why Nutek?

Nutek’s name stands for new technology solutions for your everyday, household needs. To us, this means the creation of greener, natural products that provide you with superior, cutting-edge performance results.

Nutek® products are known as “The Cans With a Conscience®.” Our lubricant formulations provide greener chemistry with superior performance. We are proud to use U.S. grown soy beans as a substantial component in our products.

Soy lubricants have several advantages.

  • Soy oils have excellent lubricity, far superior than that of petroleum-based mineral oils.
  • Soy oils are biodegradable, less toxic and renewable, and they reduce our dependency on imported petroleum oils.
  • Using lubricants and greases made of soybean oil helps reduce soybean surpluses and helps stabilize soy prices for American farmers.
  • The carbon impact from the production of soy bean oil and soy bean methyl esters is substantially less than that of petroleum and mineral spirits production.


Why Our Formulations Are Ahead of the Curve

Superior Lubricity

Nutek® has developed its proprietary soy formulations after testing more than 38 different blends. Data developed by our analytics partner confirms they outperform the competition on friction and lubricity, while providing excellent rust inhibition.

During friction tests, our testing partner found that Nutek’s lubricants were 100% ready to go upon spray! It took the leading brand a 24-hour soak to perform.

For those wondering how this was tested, the SRV test is a most modern apparatus to measure wear and friction of two surfaces rubbing together. The name stands for Oscillating Friction and Wear. This machine was developed at Optimol in Germany in the 1970's and has been improved continuously. Today, it is normalized by ASTM and DIN. It is a reliable tool for running comparative SRV friction tests with competing lubricants. The default test is a 2-hour oscillation of a ball on a disc with 300 N force. The difference between materials or lubricants can be easily appreciated.

Battles Rust

Rust inhibition of the Nutek® formulations meets every competitor and actually exceeds the rust inhibition usually expected in dry lubes and silicone lubes. However, Nutek’s formulations are silicone and Teflon free!


Environmental Principles

What we have developed is the first line of soy lubricants that provide an increased environmental benefit and a substantial reduction in toxic materials while maintaining performance. Nutek’s founders, Cathy and Kim, will continue to drive products that exceed consumer expectations on performance, while they surpass the competition in terms of environmental impact. Eco-friendly choices that guide our development include:

  • the use of sustainable agricultural products as base formulation ingredients;
  • the use of aluminum cans (which are 80% recycled today);
  • the use of nitrogen as a propellant, replacing harmful carbon dioxide used by other lubricant manufacturers;
  • the use of less plastic material in dispensing when compared to other nozzles and sprayers;
  • the use of recycled paper stock and sustainable soy inks on all marketing materials;
  • the use of recycled materials in components of the product;
  • the elimination, where possible, of packaging items that are unnecessary and create landfill waste.